With search engine marketing (Google Adwords), you can receive high quality visitors into your website, bringing you a high conversion rate through the Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  Here at Conrad Advertising in Singapore, we have helped clients achieved a 25% conversion rate. High conversion rate translates to a high ROI.

Google Adwords

At Conrad Advertising Singapore, we will help you send high quality visitors to your website through the Google Adwords platform. Our aim is to send you visitors fast and bringing about the high ROI; achieved by a series of campaign fine tuning in the PPC campaign management. We will also give you tips on improving your website to optimize it for high conversion or we could do minor changes for you at no charges.

As it is, individuals searching the internet will tend to click the links that are closest to the top of the page. This is because many thinks this is the results that are most relevant to what they are looking for. In fact over 70% of website audience will click only within the first 5 positions of the search engine.

There are two ways to bring your website to the top, either you can use SEM or you can use SEO. However, in recent times, research have shown that Search Engine Marketing produces the highest ROI. This may come as a surprise to many because it is well known that sometimes PPC can be a little pricey.

Search Engine Marketing is basically paying to get your website link higher to the top of Google. In essence, this method is about pay-per-click. You can even determine the spot you want to rank in and get there almost instantly!

With SEM, results are immediate and you could even start generating profits immediately. This is unlike SEO where you will have to wait for a number of month before the campaign could produce results. Whats worst is that if SEO was not properly done, and visitors who come in are undesired, you could end up wasting more time and money to improvise your campaign and waiting for some more time. you could also use Google Adwords to supplement your SEO activities. Contact us today to find out more.

With Search Engine Marketing with Google Adwords, it is also a good way to expose your website to more individuals. You get a MUCH higher level of impression. So you not only benefit from click-thrus, but you benefit from showing your name to relevant people who may remember you.

We will assist you in delivering your aim of this search engine marketing strategy, and be rest assured that we will monitor your campaigns proactively and making changes on a continued basis to ensure that you get a good ROI out of your search engine marketing campaigns. We can assist you in targeting at Singapore traffic or traffic from other countries.

Your campaign will be initiated by an experience digital marketer who have achieve 25% conversion through means of SEM and landing page optimization. We will assist you in writing compelling advertisement for searches to look at, and through strategic work, we will get visitors into your website in an effective manner, meaning we will take a strong emphasis on the ROI of the entire campaign, which also means we will also strive for efficiency.

In SEM, you can get the specific visitors you are looking for, you can also easily find high-converting sales keywords with this method. We will churn out a comprehensive PPC  report for you regularly where you can even understand the nature of your visitors. This will improve your overall marketing strategy.

Keyword Research Management

As we look thoroughly into improving your ROI, we do not simply just use any functions in SEM. We will set it specifically to what your business calls for and with considerations on ROI.
Landing page Optimization

We will give you advice on how to arrange your landing page to be able to have it conversion-proficient. As mentioned earlier, we have helped our clients achieved 25% conversion.

SEM quality

In Google Adwords SEM, there is a feature known as quality score. The aim of our service will also be at improving your quality score. A better quality score will also mean improving your ROI.


When the time permits, we will implement re-marketing features into your campaign at no extra charges from us (we assure you we provide the most competitive prices in the market). With re-marketing, and in terms of market standards, you can see ROI increasing by over 100%. We will manage these PPC  features for you on an ongoing basis.

Some marketers believe in tricks

Conrad Advertising Singapore believes in tricks that will improve your marketing and we will monitor your website on an ongoing basis, just like as if you have employed a search engine marketing manager. We have low limits on the amount of jobs we accept and this will allow us to dedicate much time on management of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Contact us for a free quote today! Or you could get in touch with us today to find out more about how our services could benefit your business. Conrad Advertising Singapore aims to satisfy each and every client. We look for long-term relationships and you will be valued.


Why choose us for your SEM campaigns:

-Ongoing monitoring and improvement in campaign(s).

-Giving you tips to ensure your website is optimized for high conversion, or we could implement minor changes to your website for free.

-Among the most competitive prices in the market.

-Aim to improve your ROI.

-Call-to-Action optimization


We have the tools and knowledge to implement a competitive PPC  campaign:

  • Marketing terms
  • Advanced softwares for management campaigns optimization. Example: