Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the best ways to get high-quality visitors to your website.  Being a local company, we strive to bring you these visitors through google at the most competitive pricing in the industry. At Conrad Advertising Singapore, we are confident enough to be taking a different approach to bring you the visitors you need via SEO. To achieve optimum effectiveness in terms of leads acquisition, just a small quantity of keywords being in Google page 1 is just not enough. You need a variety of effective keywords. Our tailored services will research keywords for you and we do not stop just at there. We will ensure the researched keywords reaches page 1 and other effective keywords reaches page one too. Our aim is to ensure you do not just get website visitors, but leads as well. Request a quote to find out about our packages today!

94% of consumers and businesses use the internet to search for the things they need. What they simply do is to enter in a keyword that is relevant to what they are looking for and expect to get back the results of websites they are searching for. This could be done through the search engine, such as google. Normally, businesses and consumers will only click the search results that are located in the first page. This is because it is such results that will normally be more relevant to what they are searching for.

If your website is not at the top, you will miss out on many potential customers and hence if you are looking to market online, you goal should be to rank well on google for keywords that are relevant to what your business offers. This is where SEO or search-engine-optimization comes in.

Google looks at numerous factors in your website to determine whether your website is suitable for the keywords you aspire to be ranking the website for. In other words, these factors could also be called “the ingredients”. This “ingredients” need to be present in the strategy to rank your website and the better this is done, the better your website will rank. As your website ranks higher, you will more likely to be found. The more you are found, the higher your chances of getting sales would be!

Therefore, when deciding on your marketing strategy, it is critical you do not miss out on SEO.

At Conrad Advertising, we will assist you to instate the elements that are needed for your website to rank well. Remember, to get business, your website will need to be in the first page of Google. As of 2017, over 80% of online searches is performed at Google.

In Essense, without SEO, your website will never be found.


SEO with Conrad advertising:

-We will work with you to get you the results you want
Prior to beginning SEO we will give you a list of keywords which will either be generated by you or us. However, some of these keywords may not give optimal results. At Conrad Advertising, SEO is our passion. We will work with you, churning out new keywords and optimizing them to achieve google page 1 in no time and at no extra charges!

-We let you know what to change on your website or we could do it for you.
SEO may require changes to your website. At no extra charges, we can help ou perform the changes on your website and even asist you in generating content to facilitate tje SEO pregression. This is one of the reasons that sets us apart from other SEO companies.

-We know are up-to-date with the latest SEO marketing strategies.
From time to time, Google changes thier criteria for a good performing website in terms of website ranking. At Conrad Advertising, we continually update our knowledge in order to facilitate the growth for our clients.

-We have listed THOUSANDS of keywords on google page 1 within a few month.
With our strategy to impress our clinets, we work with you to achieve page 1 results for many new keywords. As according to our results, some of our clients ahieve over 500% growth as a result of our SEO works.

-Most competitive prices with heavy discounts on initial periods (for trial).
We are so confident with that our services will benefit you that we are willing to let you evaluate us first. Your pay a small fee on the first 3 month and there is option on whether you want to renew.

-We are Unique
We try to evaluate the position of our clients and from our prior experience; the fear in choosing the wrong company for their marketing needs. With Conrad Advertising, we offer risk-free solutions. Give us a call at 96367544 for a discussion today!


Keyword Research

As it is, we are living in a highly competitive world. What you need is not only a strong ranking for just any keywords, but you will also need to leverage on high-converting keywords. This is where many have made mistakes in finding the SEO company to work with, and keyword research for businesses is now a major issue. There are many SEO companies in the market, with some selling their services at less than $50 a month. But what results do you expect?

There are a few scenarios – firstly, you may rank well for a number of keywords. But on the other hand, this keywords do not convert well. You get the results, but only in terms of SEO, but not exactly the results you want. The results you want is SALES. You need keywords are are according to your goal.

Another Scenario is paying to rank for highly competitive keywords. You get promises but after waiting many month, you realize you still do not get the sales you are looking for.
The last scenario we are discussing is also very common. It is easy to find a number of keywords that are of low completion and low volume that are very easy to rank for. Once there is a decent ranking for the keyword, you realize that there is simply no sales. This is simply because the keyword has only a few searches. Commonly, these keywords have less than 20 searches a month. That is less than 1 IMPRESSION a day on your website appearing to the consumer. 1 Impression hardly translates to visitors and therefore, you may not even get any visitors from the keyword. This way, it is not worth your time and money.

At Conrad Advertising, we are the experts and we help businesses to not only get good rankings, but to help hem rank well for the optimal keywords. What sets us apart from other SEO companies is that we will work with you all the way. We do not just agree with you what keywords we are going to rank and just work on those and see the keywords climbing. We will track the performance and instead new keywords as time goes on. Here at Conrad Advertising, we are not looking for deals. We strive for long-term partnership.

The best keywords to use are not necessarily keywords with a high search volume. These keywords will tend to produce leads that are more toward the top of the sales funnel. Such leads may not convert to sales as certain lower volume keywords. Conrad Advertising will ensure optimum performance keywords with proficient sales-qualified visitors. This is done through our keywordstrategy. The keywords will likely to be keyed in by consumers with proper buying decision.

Contact us today, we will take your budget into consideration where you will be satisfied with our prices. As mentioned, we are a performance based company and therefore, you have no risk. We will take consideration the time, which is one of our priorities.

So what are you waiting for? Request a quote today!