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Corporate Web Design Services

Conrad Advertising is a relatively new website developer in Singapore catered for businesses who are striving to gain an online presence. Although new, our team have tonnes of experience in mobile responsive WordPress web design, creating a few hundred websites before. At Conrad Advertising, your satisfaction is important to us, and we will go the extra mile to fulfill your needs. Our services extends to all industries, and we guarantee you an excellent value at a cheap price. Our aim is to ensure you get a complete web design as you want it.

Conrad Advertising offers professional web design for all types of functions, from personal websites to business websites. Our goal is simply a long term one, to develop customer relationships that last, not just one that closes a deal, finish your task and be done with.

A nicely designed website is a portray of your organization. A website that has been carefully designed will derive more customers. According to your ideas, we will convert into reality with advanced methods of web design.

We provide a vast range of web development services such as CMS websites and e-commerce websites. With this, you get a beautifully designed website with the ability for you to update it yourself in the future. A good website is one that is well-designed, unique, yet features familiar features that brings a good experience to users. Here at Conrad Advertising, we do it all!

Tailoring a website is about the same as tailoring a cake. This is in terms of identifying the business goals and then converting it into reality, just that the conversion is done by us as the web design experts. Our expertise lies in the digital world, and we know how to connect the technology with individuals.

We strive to build this long term relationship and work with you long-term. Our services are highly customisable and wish to fulfill your website needs, whatever they are. Just talk to us and we will be glad to be of service.

Responsive Web Design

This days, most individuals browse the internet using their phone. In fact, about 80%. Therefore, it is important to have a website that is mobile friendly, one which design will automatically align itself to the mobile phone resolution. This will lower bounce rates, which in turn, increase the stickiness of the website, which in turn, will increase the sales.

We use user-friendly technologies that will enable satisfaction for the website owner as well as the user. You will get to select the type of design you like and this will be converted into reality. Also, all web designs will be SEO friendly and SEO considerations will be taken. Our solutions will provide tonnes of benefits.

Websites will be designed and you have the freedom t select whether you want to host the website or it could be hosted with us for Free. We could also deploy the website into your web host or server at no extra charged.

Cloud Technology

Should you decide to host the website on your own, we recommend cloud technology for your websites as this provides numerous advatages. Advantages such as speed and redundancy are the main advantages of cloud hosting.

Website Conversion

One of our aims during the design process is to make your site conversion friendly. We truly understand the value of each website visitor, so we will align the website to make it optimized for leads. Through our evaluation of previous projects, we have gained the ability to empower your website with great abilities. Through strategic optimization of pages in past projects, we have seen conversion rates at 25% which is considered excellent in digital marketing.

Local Websites

Do you need a website that caters for another country or a website that can offer multi languages? No problem, we could do website translations. However, this would come at a small additional cost. Even the translated web design will be SEO friendly.

We very much forward to receiving your enquiry today? For a quick quote or consultation, you can email us at congun87@gmail.com or call 96367544.

We are a comprehensive web services provider, striving to enable businesses to gain a web presence and one that is viable. By purchasing our web design services, you will receive a special price for SEO services.

Our web presence capabilities

Your website will be mobile responsive, CMS e-commerce website, SEO friendly website featuring a good experience for the user. This will give you the pride in your online presence. Op top of that, unlike many others, we will not place our link anywhere on your website.

Our Happy Clients

Our customisable solutions we accepted with great satisfaction by clients from the medical, construction, insurance and household services companies. We work with many high profile people across Singapore and even in other countries. What sets us apart is our commitment to help you achieve your business goals and we will not feel comfortable if you do not feel satisfied.
We go the extra mile to help you even if it requires extra time. This includes free article writing and many others. Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, our services are always excellent for you. With us, you can make your dreams turn to reality and we will enforce you get there!


Web Design Highlights

-Mobile Responsive

-Clean and professional looking

-Search Engine Friendly

-Free 1 year website maintenance

-Free 3 years Web Hosting

-Free Stock Photography

-Free 10 keywords SEO (Guaranteed 1st page ranking results)

-Free Logo

-Free 1000 words content writing

-Turnaround within a week



$500 for up to 10 Pages


Extra page: $50 per page